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Arbitration: Canadian labour arbitrations and domestic or international commercial arbitrations conducted under informal or formal Ad Hoc procedures, AAA, LCIA, ICC or other formats at any location convenient to parties.

Mediation: Half-day or full-day or longer mediations held at our offices or at a location of your convenience.

Other ADR Services:  A wide range of formal and informal processes such as “med-arb”, conciliation or neutral expert analysis can be provided to interested parties.

Professional Staff: Arbitrations and Other ADR services are provided by John Comrie QC, MCIArb  and either he or Dr. Shrofel or both can provide mediation or related services both of whom have significant experience in labour and human resource issues as well as disputes arising in cross cultural contexts, including different legal systems and languages from different parts of the world.

Expertise:   Labour disputes and grievance arbitraitons, business conflict and cliams, civil construction projects, real estate development issues of all kinds, disputes arising under conventional finance or Islamic finance documentation, personal injury claims, family law matters, trade cases, employer-employee problems in educational institution administration.

Fees: Range from $700 per party per half day for mediations to $1300 per party for full day sessions as well as the availability of services at reasonable hourly rates or other compensation systems for arbitrations in accordance with standard practices.  US and International Fee Schedule available upon request.  CANADIAN FEE SCHEDULE  attached.

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Regina, SK, Canada and Austin, TX, USA

Canadian and US Cell: (512) 888-1475
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